About Cisca

My story:
When I started roasting coffee five years ago, I didn’t know where to begin. I ‘ve worked more than eight years in the coffee industry and had an inner drive to follow my coffee heart. I knew I was destined to become a coffee roaster.

“I had a fantastic plan, a good network
and recourses to start my coffee roastery,
but there was
a problem;
didn’t know how to start roasting.”

When I went to Giesen to buy a coffee roaster, all they said was; just turn the machine on the right temperature, put the beans in and take the beans out, at a certain point.
Of course, everybody could do that, but while you read this you know that’s a very simple explanation of roasting coffee. What I wanted is to create flavors! As a roaster, you don’t want to just turn green beans into brown beans, do you??

My problems with roasting;
So you might have read that I roast coffee with emotion. Coffee beans make quite a journey before they arrive at the harbours of Europe. In countries of origin people grow, select and put their love into our coffee beans just to make sure we can roast them and turn them into the perfect cup.

I just can’t put beans in my roaster, take them out and ruin their hard labour and flavours of the natural bean! So I started researching how to become a coffee roaster and where to start.

“There was information everywhere, but it didn’t felt like
the right information. It was like a puzzle that wasn’t complete.”

The next step for me was just to start roasting on my Giesen W6. Trial and error. It took me ages before I even understood what was going on in my drum.

My next challenge; Giesen W30:
Last winter my second roaster came; a Giesen W30. When the roaster was installed, I realized one very important thing…

Because of the complexity of roasting, I was the only one in my company who could manage the machines. That was a huge risk for my company.

I decided it was time to let my Giesen W6 baby go and pass my craftsmanship to someone new. I wanted to transfer my knowledge to someone with the same dream as I had five years ago.

As simple as it sounds, it wasn’t that easy. I was confronted with the fact that my experience with roasting wasn’t something you can teach in a few hours. It was a lot to deal with. For me, and for my new roaster.
At the same time, it felt like I had to tame my new beast. And let me tell you; roasting 30 kilos isn’t the same as 6! To be honest, it was a nightmare.

Sleepless nights…
By the time I had sleepless nights and doubts about my own skills and craftsmanship, I knew there was only one thing I had to do. I called another experienced roaster and asked for help. Do you know what he said when he stepped into my roastery??

“She’s scary, isn’t she?…” That was all I needed to regain the pleasure in roasting. After that day, I searched for days on the internet and like five years ago there wasn’t the information I needed. Again I was stuck. Trial and error was an option, but compared to when I started I had so much more knowledge and was really motivated to solve this puzzle of roasting.

“I’ve spend thousands of euros on courses and had my
experience on the W6, so I knew I was the key to success.
I’ve spent days analyzing my notes.
By the time I cracked the code I cried out of joy!”

When I had time to think about the whole process, it made me realize that my journey is comparable as the journey of many other roasters who have the same dream. For example, my new roaster in my own company. Although I do everything to make sure he learns faster than I did, he’s also insecure, doubting and frustrated. And of course it’s a process that you need to be your best you, but soon I realized something.

“To become the best version of yourself and become a
better roaster, you need to have the right knowledge available. “

How can I help you?

I have a new dream now. My dream is to create the best roasters of the world. To teach, share and create a community. I want to share my knowledge with you.

“I want to share my knowledge with the next
generation of roasters. I want to teach, share
and create a community to
create the best roasters of the world.

I’ve developed an masterclass for you,
to become a better roaster.”




My program is for the roaster who has a dream, but hasn’t solved it yet. The roaster who wants to crack the code. The roaster who has the urgent need to create flavours. The roaster who needs guidance during the process of starting a successful business. All you need are all of the puzzle pieces to put it together.
Do you need the right guidance and a mentor who has more experience in the process of roasting? Someone who gives you the right answer to the many questions you have?


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