Two-day Masterclass for (starting) roasters who want to learn how to become a experienced coffee roaster.

Are you a roaster that started following your dream to become a roaster, but you’re stuck in how to work with your machine? You have no clue on what you’re doing and there is no consistency on your roasting profiles? Or worse; you bought an expensive roasting machine, but don’t even know how to start developing flavors?

If you have the dream to become a successful
coffee roaster and have the need to learn from
colleague roasters, then our two-day
Masterclass is the right one for you!

Our Roasting Masterclass is an intense program with a maximum of 8 attendees. In those two days you’ll be learning new theory and you get the chance to practice your skills on two different coffee roasters (W6 and W30).

You’ll learn the ins and outs of coffee roasting and
after two days you’re able to bring your roasting skills
and your business to the next level.

What are you going to learn?
DAY 1:

1. Green coffee
2. Green bean selection
3. Manage expectations of your profile
4. Finding consistency
5. Coffee marketing

DAY 2:
6. Roasting W6 and W30
7. Monitor roasting
8. Cupping
9. Evaluate your profile

Your results:

Becoming an EXPERIENCED roaster.
Finding CONSISTENCY in your coffee beans.
HAPPY customers.
Finding JOY in your craftsmanship.
MEETING and building a network of colleague roasters

€1697,- Excluding taxes.