Online program

Online program:
In an eight-week online program you’ll learn how to become a roaster.
Every week you’ll receive a reader and videos from our Miss Morrison academy with new lessons that you’ll need to develop the skills to be a roaster.

Are you a roaster that start roasting, but doesn’t know how to start? You don’t know how to develop roasting profiles? Or worse; do you have roasting profiles, but you don’t find consistency in your flavors?

You know you have the dream to become a roaster, the ambition to work hard and the will to develop the skills to become a roaster, but you still need one thing… a small push in the right directing to start.
If you recognize yourself in this situation, then our online program is the right one for you!

With our online program you’ll learn the basics of roasting in only eight weeks.
Every week you’ll receive an online course with information about the process and the exercises to practice at your coffee roaster.

What are you going to learn?

  1. Be friends with your machine
  2. Green bean selection
  3. Manage your expectations of your profile
  4. Start roasting
  5. Monitor roasting
  6. Finding consistency
  7. Cupping
  8. Evaluate your profile

Your results:

  • Finding JOY in your craftsmanship.
  • CONFIDENCE in becoming a roaster.
  • Be able to DEVELOP roasting profiles.
  • Finding CONSISTENCY in your coffee beans.
  • Work on STRATEGY.
  • HAPPY customers.


€897,- Excluding taxes.