VIP session

This exclusive program is only for roasters who want to learn fast and make quick steps in their business. You’ll get the chance to work with me one by one. I’ll share all my knowledge of roasting, so we can focus on your business and make sure your revenue and happy customers can grow.

Are you a roaster who needs help with their roasting profiles? Or do you have roasting profiles, but you don’t find consistency in your flavors? Or worse; you need to change your roasting profiles to meet market demand and upgrade your customer base?

Roasters who need fast result and don’t want to follow a program, can book a personal VIP session with me.

In one day I’ll take a look at your most
important roasting strategy and we’ll
improve your roasting skills.


  1. Business strategy
  2. Roasting strategy
  3. Evaluating green beans and selection
  4. Evaluating roasting profiles
  5. Roasting
  6. Improve roasting profiles
  7. Adjust business strategy


The personal VIP session is only for my high end
customers and you’ll need a considerable investment.
The VIP session day is the only way
to work with me one-at-one.

Before I plan a VIP session, I want to know more information about your roasting ambitions.
Request a call appointment with me. Then we can discuss and talk about if my VIP session is the right one for you.