My story

When I started roasting coffee five years ago, I didn’t know where to begin. I ‘ve worked more than eight years in the coffee industry and had an inner drive to follow my coffee heart. I knew I was destined to become a coffee roaster.

“I had a fantastic plan, a good network
and recourses to start my coffee roastery,
but there was
a one problem;
didn’t know how to start roasting.”

For me coffee is emotion. From the start of Miss Morrison my mission is to create flavors. As a roaster, you don’t want to just turn green beans into brown beans, do you??

My problems with roasting;
The last few years I worked a lot on trail and error. It took me ages before I even understood what was going on in my drum. I researched how to become a better roaster and although it seems there’s a lot of information availible, when my Giesen W30 came last winter, I realized one very important thing…

“There’s information everywhere, but it didn’t felt like
the right information that’s available. It’s like a puzzle that
isn’t complete.
The last few years I’ve spend thousands of euros on courses and
had my experience on the W6, so I knew I had the right skills
to cracked the code.”

When I finally did, it made me realise that my journey is comparable as the journey of many other roasters who have the same dream as I have. There are more roasters like me who are also insecure, doubting and frustrated. And of course it’s a process that you need to be your best you, but to become a better roaster, you need to have the right knowledge available.

How can I help you?

My dream is to create the best roasters of the world. To teach, share and create a community. I want to share my knowledge with you.

“I want to share my knowledge with the next
generation of roasters. I want to teach, share
and create a community to
create the best roasters of the world.

Do you need the right guidance and a mentor who has more experience in the process of roasting? Someone who failed, has grown and has the experience to give you the right answer to the many questions you have?

Read my whole story and find out how
I can help you to become a better roaster.